Saturday, February 5, 2011

How the Health Thing is Going

The Health thing is trucking along.


I keep reminding myself that slowly is good. I've done fast in the past, and. . . well, since I'm doing it again now it didn't work for the long haul now did it? Down two pounds the last time I checked, which was a week or two ago. More importantly, I'm exercising almost every day, 6 out of 7 at least, and doing more than just walking all the time, but still walking too. Yoga classes two to three times a week, and using the resistance bands I got for Christmas are all giving me a good variety of exercises I hope.

I'm not going full vegan, but I've tried to have a vegan day or three each week. I've learned a new soup recipe that I really love (and will be coming up soon on another podcast review post). The funny thing about my vegan days is that it's easier to walk away from a late afternoon cravings, like for chocolate or something similar because I don't want to ruin my vegan eating day for it. Then the following days, having cheese feels so decadent, I don't want the junk as much anyway. I didn't expect that to happen, but I'm happy.


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Yay! You rock! We were eating vegan once upon a time.

I have vegan cookbooks if you want to borrow them:
"Sinfully Vegan" (which might spoil the whole point of the diet) and "Everyday Vegan."

Allergykidmom said...

It was funny (not in a ha ha way) to read your post. I am trying to lose a couple of pounds and thought to do a vegan week here and there. Let me know if you want a walking buddy sometime! Would love to join you.

karabu said...

Thanks Amanda, I may take you up in the cookbook loan one day, but so far I have more to try than I have time for.

Donna, let me know your schedule, and maybe we could go with the girls on a little day hike or something. Is school out on President's day?