Thursday, April 9, 2009

Interrobang ‽

Isn't that a great word?

I finally got caught up on all my back episodes of Grammar Girl, and by far my favorite tid bit that I picked up was from an episode on punctuation that introduced me to the Interrobang.

The interrobang apparently is used for punctuating questions that are asked in a "surprised manner". Since technically, using two punctuation marks isn't good grammar, the interrobang is a combination of an exclamation point and a question mark.

Isn't is cool‽

But I have to admit, I mostly just love the name. I think the next pet I get, I'll be very tempted to name it 'Interrobang'.

So is anyone with me? Can we revive the poor forgotten interrobang?

1 comment:

The Geeky Quill said...

I like it. I always use ?!?!?!, which is a little cartoon like. The interrobang is much more sophisticated.
It also sounds like what happens when a detective gets frustrated interrogating a suspect and he whips out his gun. "Admit you killed Professor Pickle or you'll get an interrobang you won't forget."