Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm such a wimp

I recently wrote a book review for "Done for a Dime" by David Corbett (very good book btw) for "Listen and Be Heard" The editor sent me a comment from the author, and it mentioned that I should introduce myself if I attend his book signing at a local independent bookstore for his newest novel. Now I'd already planned on going (or at least trying to go - life is fairly unpredictable lately), but I'm suddenly nervous. Why am I such a wimp about meeting people? He's sort of a friend of a friend, and from my understanding, a very cool guy - so just because he's a successful author, I make myself stress. Why isn't it fun for me to meet new people?

I envy people who thrive on companionship - on community. When I'm forced into it, I do enjoy socializing, but it wears me out too. I think even if it's fun, it's just still stressful for me. I don't like being this way. What can be done? Just keep making myself go out and talk to people? Is it something I'll get over if I power onward for long enough? It's just so easy to sit quietly on the sidelines - and it feels safer. But I know that my life would be more rewarding, and reaching my goals would be easier if I wasn't terrified of people.

Anyone with great people skills - please feel free to leave me your comments. Otherwise, I guess I'm off to read "Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway". . . again.

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