Monday, February 27, 2012

We Get to Look Forward to a New J.K. Rowling Book

That news, that I read at was exciting enough, but there was even more surprises in that announcement for me. The book will not be a Harry Potter book, and it will be aimed at adults. That’s really all the information that she has released so far, but it makes me very happy for a number of reasons.
First, I love the  Harry Potter books, so therefore, Rowling is one of my favorite authors. So really, anything new from her I’d want to read. I was worried that she may not write much more after the Potter series ended. I mean, she had a few small, related books like Beedle the Bard, etc., so I expected some other things in the same vein, but this is supposed to be something completely new.  

Furthermore, she doesn’t HAVE to write any more. She must be all set, really. Therefore, she must WANT to write more, and that makes me happy.  

I also imagine after such an enormously successful series, it would take real bravery to start something brand new. The amount of attention and expectations for anything she’ll write is much greater than other authors have to deal with. Even other fairly famous authors, I would imagine. Good for her!

There are a number of books I’m anxiously awaiting, but this may be the first one that I’ve looked forward to that I knew so little about. And for some silly reason, that makes me happy too.

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