Tuesday, May 3, 2016

No More Elephants at Ringling Bros. Circus

The news yesterday about Ringling Bros. phasing out the use of elephants in their shows has made me very happy. There may be animals that can enjoy the traveling show lifestyle, but I think over the years it has become clear that elephants are not one of those. I hope this is a move toward other similar shows rejecting elephant performers as well. Then maybe we can hope they will give the same respect to the big cats and other animals who are mentally and physically damaged in these shows.
A gal can hope, right?

I've not yet found so far in my reading thought, what they plan to do with all the elephants they have. Elephants love a long time. If anyone knows, fill me in please!

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Kara Hartz said...

I found another article that explained the elephants will go to Ringling Bros 'Center for elephant Conservation' where they will live in 'semi-retirement' and participate in cancer research. Really hoping that isn't what it sounds like, but I'm still looking for more details.